Noeleen’s Year

As most of you know a poem is usually composed for the outgoing Lady Captain by Mary Trant our resident Pam Ayres (I think they are related you know!) which sums up the year for the Lady Captain and is read to the ladies at the Christmas party. Unfortunately due to that bloomin’ aul’ timers the said poem was overlooked, so just for Noeleen McCague our outgoing LC here it is:

Noeleen’s Year 

Today’s the day that Noeleen leaves and hands over to her successor

She’s been a fabulously enthusiastic Captain, you really couldn’t suppress her

 We found out she had a nick name, when she was very small

Dinky really suits her well and we won’t tease her with that at all!!

 Highlights of her year were many but to mention just a few

was the designer makeover of the locker room , it was well overdue!

 Noeleen had some early golfing wins, she came first in the January Alliance

“I’ll show these ladies, I can play golf” she stated with defiance!

 That was not her only victory, in March she had one more

winning her section in Mannan, her heart began to soar!

 Her Captain’s day was thwarted, due to a double booking

Paul McGinley took her slot with Investec, when she wasn’t looking! 

 Noeleen didn’t get excited she just changed to the week previous

it wasn’t a conspiracy or anything so devious

 Her day went well regardless and she had a fabulous time

before the night got started she had listen to a bloody rhyme!

 Another brilliant highlight was her weekend away in the Slieve

a short trip to save petrol so we are led to believe

 The Mary Peters Trust trip was missed with Helen this year

Noeleen was not in great form with a carbuncle in her ear!

 The Junior Hilton matchplay team did Lady Captain proud

they qualified then won the shield lets all say “hooray” out loud!

 Noeleen teamed with Tommy for the mixed matchplay contest

against Ollie and Bridie they floundered, even though they played their best

  they discovered a handicap blunder and sought a friendly replay

but Ollie and Bridie said “bugger off, no second chance, no way!

 Another prize Noeleen won was a President’s Day third place

it was her third week in a row to win you ought to have seen her face!

 Full of pride and well why not, Noeleen’s  had a fabulous year

we sure are gonna miss you our little Dinky dear


Ladies Winter League

The anticipation of the final results for this year’s Winter League was palpable! The ladies gathered in the clubhouse for a Christmas party night last Wednesday in a gloriously decorated clubhouse. Thank you to the ladies who put up the tree, trimmed the chandeliers and even gave the stag a festive garland. There was much supposition as to which team had managed to claim the major prize of the fabulous hampers ably put together by Brid Finlay. Finally the results were announced and the winning team with a fabulous score of 427 was Team 3 with final week results coming from Geraldine Igoe 18, Marion Foy 17 and an unusually mediocre 15 from Elaine Hamilton. Team Captain Elaine was delighted to lead her team to victory and commiserated with Team 5 who were literally pipped at the post. Well done to all of Team 3 whose other players were Susan Deery, Breda Fortune, Catherine Farrell and Helen Connolly all very happy with their hampers of goodies! Just in 2nd place with 426 yes just shy by 1 measly point! were Team 5 with final week scores coming from Mary Trant 16, a whopping 20 points from Ann Keating and 15 points from Noirin McKenna. Other team members were Mary O’Reilly, Teresa Fitzpatrick, Celestsa McKiernan and Kathleen Gibbons. Team Captain Mary thanked her team for all their efforts especially Teresa who played 23 times in the 8 weeks! They had the pick of the table and chose from wine, port, chocolates and lots of other fabulous goodies. Team 2 came third with a fine score of 410 with final week scores coming from Team Captain Joy Cassidy 18, Roisin Kerr 17 and Teresa Hanawin also 17. Other team members were Doli Maguire, Maureen Lynch and Lady Captain Veronica McGorman, who incidentally brought in the biggest score of the competition with 23 points in week 6! Team 6 finished 4th with 402 and final scores came from Geraldine Fitzpatrick 17, Noeleen McCague 15 and Mary O’Toole 13. Other team members were Team Captain Irene Rooney, Bridie Keenan, Nuala Browne and Alice O’Reilly. In 5th place were Team 4 with 382 and Team Captain Lynn Whelan said she thought her team looked great on paper and she was confident of winning at the start of the competition! Final week scores came from Lynn 17, Vera Tighe 16 and Kathleen Leonard also 16. Other Team members were Jacinta Gallagher, Eileen Kerr, Irene McConkey and lucky charm Josie Curran (didn’t work this time Josie!). In last place was team 1 with 353 and Team Captain and league organiser Ann McCarthy quipped that even she couldn’t fix the teams! Final week scores came from Anne herself 17, Una O’Reilly 9 and 17 from Brid Finlay. Other Team members were Loretto Traynor, Martha O’Grady, Mary McGuigan and Rosita McCabe. The ladies would like to thank Anne for once again organising a brilliant league that kept us golfing in conditions that would ordinarily see us scuttling for cover and the fireside! Ladies only a few weeks off then the Spring League will be underway! Can’t wait!! The Winter League raised over €1,500 and €100 for the Breast Cancer Charity from your kind donations. Thank-you ladies. Finally a  huge thank you to all the ladies that provided supper and to Michael Connolly for running the bar for us, much appreciated.


Apologies to Roisin!

The writer would like to make an apology to our new Lady Vice Captain Roisin Kerr for omitting her from the report last week. As you know Roisin is also our Golfer of the Year for 2011. Sorry for omission, it wasn’t sour grapes leaving you out of the report just aul’ timers!!!


Ladies Winter League

The ladies Winter League has now concluded and the results are being kept well under wraps for the presentation evening which now takes place on Wednesday at 8.30 pm. Did Elaine’s team do enough to maintain their 2 point lead? Elaine certainly made sure she wasn’t lacking in contribution as she played twice on the final day to be sure, to be sure!! Mary’s Team also made sure that respectable scores were retuned and we can’t wait to find out which team takes the spoils! Teams 2 and 6 are also in a close battle for 3rd and 4th place ooh it’s so exciting. Remember ladies the presentation is now Wednesday at 8.30pm a prompt start is desired.


Alpha Bet

The letters drawn on Monday 28th of November were BRIZ and there were no winners of the 8,400 jackpot which now rolls over to 8,500. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were Joe O’Connell Clonfad, Fr. Harry O’Gara Tanagh, Kathleen Leonard Clones, Brian Curran Jnr. Clones and Kitty Cassidy Clones. For those of you who buy long term tickets 4 of these winners were long term! Well done to them! The monthly seller’s prize of €100 went to Mary Rafferty Redhills.

Joint Club AGM

The joint club Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday 4th of December with the minutes of the previous meeting being read and adopted. The reduced fee for novice golfers brought in 42 new members which is great news. Sadly we lost about the same number of existing members. Vincent Lynch and Phil McCrystal were praised for their continuing efforts in selling Alpha Bet lotto tickets along with everyone else that does their bit. It was announced that Sean Kelleher and Gerard Kelly were standing down from committee along with Ollie Walsh and President Martin Taylor thanked them for their hard work and dedication over the years. Sean gave a very comprehensive report of the finances along with Gerard and The Secretary’s report paid tribute to our course staff Finbar and Hugh John who do a tremendous amount of work to keep our course playable and open in the inclement weather and looking resplendent in the good weather. Well done lads! Other major achievements for the year at Clones Golf Club were the launch of the new web site and many thanks go to Mike Keane and his team. We also have a fine new car park and thanks to Tommy O’Harte for being the catalyst in this project. We had a very successful Classic run by Doli Maguire and her team. Ollie also thanked the outgoing Captains Tommy and Noeleen for their hard work, the ladies and men’s club secretaries, the President Martin Taylor and everyone who had assisted Ollie in his role.  The election of the new committee was somewhat troublesome as there was no one to step into the shoes of Sean and Ollie. Hard acts to follow! However Paddy McKeown was persuaded to take on the role as Secretary. No one could be persuaded to take on the role of Treasurer so it will be down to the committee to form a finance committee. The new elected committee members are Paul Fitzpatrick, George Rice, Anne McCarthy, Brian Moore, Georgie Pugh, Maureen Lynch, Padraig Connolly and Kathleen Leonard. It is particularly warming to see new members coming onto the committee we wish them all well in the coming year. The men’s committee made 2 proposals, both of which were adopted. The first being that future AGMs be notified by the web site, newspapers and notice in the clubhouse. The second, that we adopt the Code of Ethics for Young People as issued by the ILGU and GUI in relation to our juvenile golf program. The President thanked everyone for attending and the meeting concluded. The new committee have their first meeting on Wednesday 7th at 7.30pm.

New Men’s Committee

Congratulations to our new Captain Sean Bonner who took over the reins on Sunday last, Sean who is very popular with both young and old will no doubt be a great ambassador for the club, Sean introduced to us his Vice Captain, Gerard Kelly, he says he is going to play more golf this year, we wish both every success in the year ahead. The new Men’s committee are Captain Sean, vice captain Gerard Kelly, Secretary Kevin Hickey, Treasurer Padraic Geoghegan, Competition Secretary Pat Connolly and Handicap Secretary Pat Fee. The committee members are Frankie Dolan, Ivor Lendrum, Leslie McConkey, Niall Murphy, Brian Morgan and Colm McMahon. Congratulations to all those elected and we wish them a very successful and productive year.