Breakthrough Brooch

The LGU Breast Cancer Breakthrough Brooch is available to affiliated golf clubs for presentation to the player with the best net score in a September stroke play competition. And our winner is Brid Finlay! Both the Breast Cancer charity and the ILGU very much appreciate the support and generosity of lady golfers, and trust that the same levels of participation can be achieved in 2016.


Alpha Bet

The letters drawn on 9th November were BHGZ and again there were no winners of the 3,100 jackpot which now stands at 3,200. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were Don Smith Cootehill, Ciaran Weir Cavan, Peter McManus Lisnaskea, Joe O’Reilly C/O G4 and Jessica Cassidy Oviedo (Spain!) our sellers rove far and wide!

Ladies Winter League

Week 4 has now completed and Team 1 remain on top with 200 points with 53 points this week from Geraldine Fitzpatrick 18, Teresa Fitzpatrick 16 and a super duper 19 from Eileen Kerr. Team 3 are on 192 with a whopping 56 points from Brid Finlay 18, Noirin McKenna 19 (wow!) and 19 from Lady Captain Rosita McCabe. Just in 3rd place are Team 5 on 191 with scores from Vera Tighe 17, Roberta Hamilton 20 fandabidoozy! And 17 from Eileen Maguire. In 4th place are Team 4 on 190 with scores from Elaine Hamilton 19, Joy Cassidy 14 and Teresa Hanawin 18 so all very close so far…… trailing in 5th place are Team 2 on 183 with Mary Trant 19, Anne McCarthy 14 and Doli Maguire also 14 but don’t despair as each teams worst weekly score will be discarded at the end so it will all change! Just a wee mention for our new ladies who are playing every week thank you and well done to Nuala McCauley, Sinead O’Flynn, Lisa O’Brien, Gio McGeever, Chanel Geoghegan and Julie O’Harte.

Ladies Winter League

The scores for the first 3 weeks of the 9 hole Winter League can now be revealed and its great to see that all 5 teams returned at least 3 cards during that time. Team 1 are leading on 147 with scores coming from Catherine Farrell 15, Geraldine Fitzpatrick 15 and Celesta McKiernan for week one. Geraldine Fitzpatrick 15, Celesta McKiernan 16 and Ann Kelly 15 for week 2 and Catherine Farrell 17, Celesta McKiernan 17 and Eileen Kerr 19 for week 3. Well done ladies a great start! Team 4 are in 2nd place on 139 with scores from Elaine Hamilton 15, Joy Cassidy 13 and Teresa Hanawin 15 for week one. Elaine Hamilton a whopping 20, Joy Cassidy 13 and Teresa Hanawin 16 for week 2. Elaine Hamilton 18, Joy Cassidy 15 and Teresa Hanawin 14 for week 3. Super start team 4! Team 5 are currently 3rd with 137 with scores from Vera Tighe15, Una O’Reilly 17 and Eileen Maguire 13 for week 1. Vera Tighe 17, Roberta Hamilton 14 and Eileen Maguire 15 for week 2. Vera Tighe 18, Una O’Reilly 11 and Roberta Hamilton 17 for week 3. Again a great start ladies keep going! Team 2 and 3 are in joint 4th place both on 136 with scores for Team 2 from Mary Trant 17, Doli Maguire 13 and Ann Wrafter 15 for week 1. Mary Trant 14, Doli Maguire 15 and Kathleen Leonard 15 for week 2. Anne McCarthy 15, Doli Maguire 18 and Kathleen Leonard 14 for week 3. Team 3 also on 136 had scores from Noeleen McCague 14. Noirin McKenna 15 and Lady Captain Rosita McCabe 16 for week 1. Noeleen McCague 17, Noirin McKenna 17 and Lady Captain Rosita 19 (whahay!) for week 2. Noeleen McCague 14, Noirin McKenna 12 and Lynn Whelan 12 for week 3. It’s still all to play for and only 11 points separate the lead team from the last teams. You worst weekly team score will be discarded at the conclusion of the 8 week competition. It’s sooo exciting! With the fabulous weather last weekend there will be some good scores for week 4, so it could all change.