The numbers drawn on 18th June were 11,16, 24 and 25 and there were no winners of the 8,000 jackpot now rolling over to 8,100. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were Helena & Terry Redhills, Breda McDermott Clones, Veronica Fawcett Lisnaskea, Mateo Florez Cassidy Oviedo and Pat Mcmahon Clones. Well done to them! Our tickets are only one pound or one euro and you win in the relevant currency. You can buy 6 tickets for a fiver!

Ladies Eclectic Over, Maureen’s 9 Begins

The eclectic has now completed and the winner was Mary Trant just pipping Roberta Hamilton and Lady Captain Brid Finlay.  From Sunday 10th of June Maureen Lynch has agreed to run her ever popular 9 hole stableford on the “old 9” just one euro on the drawer and there will be a prize each week for the best score and the best senior’s score! We are delighted that Maureen has agreed to run this again and are very grateful for the time she puts in to the competition. Two sections Please note if you are a senior please mark card as such



3 T’s (Turning The Tide against Suicide)

The ladies play in the 3 T’s fund raiser for Turning The Tide against suicide this Thursday 14th June in a single stableford format. The winner and Lady Captain will travel to The Slieve Russell along with the men’s winner and the Captain on the 24th of September 2018. Fee for this competition is €10

Message from the 3 T’s Charity

3Ts is a registered charity founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the issue of suicide through research, intervention & support. 2018 is the 16th year of the 3Ts Golf Tournament, supported by tournament Patron & Ambassador, Padraig Harrington and helping to raise awareness of the issue of suicide & mental health countrywide. Once again, we invite your club to enter. We hope to have at least 3,500 Irish golfers participate in 2018 at club level, each in with a chance to play the K Club Ryder Cup Course in the Final. We ask you to include us in your Club’s 2018 calendar. 3Ts does not receive any state funding, so your help is important. 3Ts fundraising supports our activities in suicide prevention. We provide education in suicide prevention & mental health through workshops, talks & activities, literature, videos, with online information & sign-posting via social media and our website We fund innovative suicide research and lobby Government for change, calling for a Suicide Prevention Authority similar in model to the Road Safety Authority. 3 times more people die by suicide than die on our roads, yet suicide prevention receives only a fraction of the budget spent on road safety. You may have seen recent reports in the media of our Online Petition which we presented to Government calling for a Suicide Authority. The petition is still live on and has over 35,000 signatures. 3Ts receive no statutory funding but rely on our own fundraising activities and those of our supporters.