Alpha Bet

The letters drawn in the Clones Golf Club Alpha Bet Lotto on Monday night 12th of December were JMQZ and we had a winner! Matthew McQuaid of Clones arrived out at the club to collect his cheque for €8,600. What a Christmas present! He generously stood the tellers and sellers a drink and thanked Clones Golf Club for his great win. When asked why he chose the letter Z he said he couldn’t really remember buying the ticket! Clones Golf Club are delighted at Matty’s win and also not forgetting the 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 who were Maguire Kids O’Neill Park, Helen Connolly Clones, Jock Lynch C/O ABP, Catherine Connolly Cloniston and Adrian Lennon Clones. Next week our jackpot starts at 2,000 and each lucky dipper will win a massive €50