Last Saturday week, the ever popular He/She’s took place with 24 pairs. The players had to be patient and wait for frost to clear, the draw for pairings was done and then a shotgun start ensued. The players were treated back in the clubhouse after with sandwiches and goodies whilst waiting for cards to be marked and winners to be announced. In 3rd place were Alex Hamilton & Beatrice Crudden, 2nd place went to Bridie Keenan & Captain Gerry Traynor, and the winners were Brian McGorman & Roberta Hamilton. Good fun as always.

Alpha Bet

The letters drawn on 26th January were VAZY and there were no winners of the 3,000 jackpot. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were George Rice Lisnaskea, Shanna McCrystal Lisnaskea, Ita Townsend Connons, Hugh James Moore Newbliss and Paul Treacy C/O Corner House. Well done to them! The monthly seller’s prize of €100 went to Vincent Lynch. The tickets that are selected each week for the 20 lucky dips are put into a monthly draw and one ticket is selected and whoever sold the ticket gets the €100!! So folks the more you sell the more chance YOU have of winning a bit!

Alpha Bet

The letters drawn on 19th January 2015 were DGKT and there were no winners of the 2,900 jackpot now standing at 3,000. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were Pauline Kelly and Maida Kelly both c/o Brendan Kelly. John Duffy 83 O’Neill Park Clones, Gretta, Majella and Hugh C/O McGinns and Donal O’Reilly Drung. Well done to them. Tickets are one euro or one pound each and you win in the corresponding currency special offer 6 tickets for a fiver!! So do your letters look lucky??!


He/She Society

The ever popular He/She Society will gather this Saturday 24th January and as ever the number of gents required is determined by the number of ladies on the list so please ladies, put your name down on the list in the ladies locker room now to ensure a suitable male opposite will be available for you!

Ladies Spring League

The Anne McCarthy Spring League starts on Sunday 8th of February to 21st March. We will know nearer the date which holes we are playing but as an added twist this time the top scorer each week will not only win a prize But they will also be cut a shot (just for the league purposes) to keep everyone in with a chance right up to the end! In the event of teams tying at the end, there will be a one day play off on Sunday 22nd of March!! Soooo exciting! Ladies please put your names in the locker room, don’t put down anyone else’s name just ring them to remind them to put their names down to avoid any confusion. Thank you and may the best team win!