Ladies Competition Diary

Ladies Diary

Date 2017Competition Name
February 5th : March 18thSpring League
February 18thCaptain's Drive In
March 19th : 23rd18 Hole Stableford
March 26th : 30th18 Hole Stableford
April 2th : 6th18 Hole Stableford
April 9th : 13th18 Hole Stableford
April 16th : 20thBreffini Shield Scotch Fouresomes
April 23rd : 27th18 Hole Stableford
April 28th : May 1stMay Weekend Singles Ladies & Gents
April 30th : May 4th18 Hole Stableford Charity
May 7th : 11th3 T's 18 Hole Stableford
May 14th - 18th18 Hole Stroke Draw Medal *
May 21st : 25th18 Hole Stroke Draw Medal*
May 21stIrish Mixed Foursomes
May 28th : June 1stGranard Cup & LGU Peugeot Foursomes
June 4th : 8th18 Hole Stroke Draw Medal*
June 11th : 15th 18 Hole Stroke Draw Medal*
June 18th : 22th18 Hole Stroke Draw Medal*
June 25th : 29th18 Hole Stableford 02 Trophy
July 2nd : 8th Clones Credit Union Week
July 9th : 13thLady Members Cup (Draw/Stroke)
July 12th : 16thLeo Rooney Open Week
July 16th : 20th18 Hole Stableford Charity
July 22nd Lady Captains Day* (Mrs Teresa Hanawin)
July 23rd : 27th18 Hole Stableford
July 30th : Aug 3rd18 Hole Stableford
Aug 4th : 7thCLUB CLASSIC
August 6th : 10th18 Hole Stroke Medal Draw *
August 13th : 17th 18 Hole Stroke Medal Draw*
August 19thPresident's Day - Ms Anne Mc Carthy - Stroke Draw
August 20th : 24thCaptain's Prize to the Ladies
August 27th : 31st18 Hole Stableford
September 2ndCaptain's Day (Mr Joe Smith)
September 3rd : 7th18 Hole Stroke
September 10th : 14th18 Hole Stableford
September 17th : 21st18 Hole Stableford
September 25th : Oct 1stMatthews Open Weekend (18 Hole Stableford Repeater )
Oct/Nov/DecWinter League