Introductory offer for Novices

Now that there is a stretch in the evenings it is timely to inform would-be golfers of the offers available at the club.  The annual subscription for a novice is €340 for the first year and €500 for the second year. In the third and subsequent years they will be expected to pay the full subscription of €700.  All of those fees include insurance and Golf Union levies and apply to both Ladies and Gentlemen. It is important to emphasise that those offers apply only to those people who have never played golf and does not apply to new members coming from other clubs. The purpose of the offer is to try and popularise the game and in so doing increase membership.  There is no question of reducing fees to poach members from any neighbouring clubs. There is also an incentive for lapsed golfers who have not played for three years or more who may re-join the club for a subscription of €500 for the first year back.