Ladies Spring League

Week 4 is now well underway and the excitement that the week 3 scores evoked is palpable! 2 teams now share the lead with the 3rd placed team only 1 point behind! Great stuff. So now down to the nitty gritty. Team 1 on 173 with scores from Elaine Hamilton another fabulous whopping 23, Helen Connolly 22 and Joy Cassidy 16. Team 2 also on 173 with a “yea ha” of a score from Noeleen McCague 25! Anne Wrafter 17 and 19 from…you’ll never guess…..yes just back after a major accident it’s Teresa Fitzpatrick putting us all to shame! Welcome back Teresa! Nipping at the heals’ of the leading teams is Team 5 on 172 with scores from Rosita McCabe 19, Teresa Hanawin 19 and Lady Captain Brid Finlay 16. In 4th place are Team 3 (team Veronica!) with scores from Veronica McGorman 23, very nice! Kathleen Leonard 17 and Irene McConkey 17 and still valiantly battling away in 5th place are team 4 now on 148 with a fabulous 23 from Doli Maguire, Roberta Hamilton 17 and Noirin McKenna 18. Now ladies remember this league only runs for 5 weeks so it’s going to be a tight finish. So Exciting!