The numbers drawn on the 10th December were 3, 15, 24 and 27 and there were no winners of the 4,500 jackpot now standing at 4,600. The 5 lucky dippers each winning 20 were Francis Lennon Ballybay, Brid Brown Ballybay, Father Gerry White Tanagh, Helen McManus Roslea and George Rice G4. Well done to them! Next week the lucky dippers will get €50, well it is Christmas. The Lotto crew were treated to a gift by way of thanks for their weekly dedication and work in doing the lotto kindly sponsored by James Connolly and they all received a nice bottle of wine or tin of biscuits. They also were presented with a fine feast of party food kindly sponsored and supplied by Packie McCarville of The Creighton Hotel Clones. The last lotto draw of the year is next Monday 17th of December and the lotto crew will be back on the Tuesday 2nd of January 2019. We would like to thank everyone who sells tickets, allows us to display our tickets boxes in the premises and particularly Liptons of Clones who display the results weekly on their digital advertising board. We are extremely grateful to everyone who buys our Lotto tickets and remember we are just 6 tickets for a FIVER!