Men’s Winter League

It seems strange talking about the Winter League in these tropical conditions however the presentation of prizes took place last week and whilst everyone is aware of the prize winners we must mention again Team 13 who had the winning team’s scores of Paddy McKeown 39, Paul Fitzpatrick 33, Mac Sammon 43, Kenny Farrelly 38 and Austin Curran 40 to collectively produce a stunning score of 160 points from the best 4! Well done lads especially when you remember this was over 14 holes! The individual stars with the best weekly scores over the 8 weeks were Killian Brady 38, Martin Clegg 39, Austin Curran 40, Liam Keane 40, Kenny Farrelly 39, Tony Greenan 42!!!, Terry Lennon 36 and Pearse West 37. Once again thanks to the sponsor Harte Peat and a big thank you to Tommy O’Harte for presenting the beautiful prizes which ranged from wet suits to golf shoes.