Noeleen’s Year

As most of you know a poem is usually composed for the outgoing Lady Captain by Mary Trant our resident Pam Ayres (I think they are related you know!) which sums up the year for the Lady Captain and is read to the ladies at the Christmas party. Unfortunately due to that bloomin’ aul’ timers the said poem was overlooked, so just for Noeleen McCague our outgoing LC here it is:

Noeleen’s Year 

Today’s the day that Noeleen leaves and hands over to her successor

She’s been a fabulously enthusiastic Captain, you really couldn’t suppress her

 We found out she had a nick name, when she was very small

Dinky really suits her well and we won’t tease her with that at all!!

 Highlights of her year were many but to mention just a few

was the designer makeover of the locker room , it was well overdue!

 Noeleen had some early golfing wins, she came first in the January Alliance

“I’ll show these ladies, I can play golf” she stated with defiance!

 That was not her only victory, in March she had one more

winning her section in Mannan, her heart began to soar!

 Her Captain’s day was thwarted, due to a double booking

Paul McGinley took her slot with Investec, when she wasn’t looking! 

 Noeleen didn’t get excited she just changed to the week previous

it wasn’t a conspiracy or anything so devious

 Her day went well regardless and she had a fabulous time

before the night got started she had listen to a bloody rhyme!

 Another brilliant highlight was her weekend away in the Slieve

a short trip to save petrol so we are led to believe

 The Mary Peters Trust trip was missed with Helen this year

Noeleen was not in great form with a carbuncle in her ear!

 The Junior Hilton matchplay team did Lady Captain proud

they qualified then won the shield lets all say “hooray” out loud!

 Noeleen teamed with Tommy for the mixed matchplay contest

against Ollie and Bridie they floundered, even though they played their best

  they discovered a handicap blunder and sought a friendly replay

but Ollie and Bridie said “bugger off, no second chance, no way!

 Another prize Noeleen won was a President’s Day third place

it was her third week in a row to win you ought to have seen her face!

 Full of pride and well why not, Noeleen’s  had a fabulous year

we sure are gonna miss you our little Dinky dear