Harte Peat Spring League Competition

With 6 weeks of the Competition having being played the up to speed positions of the leading contenders are,

1st Team 5                   4th Team 1

2nd Team 15               5th  Team 4

3rd Team 2                  6th Team 10

This of course can change over the next 2 weeks of the Competition. The Competition is over 8 weeks with the top 6 teams to qualify from the overall 8 weeks and the then best 2 teams to qualify over the last 3 weeks of the Competition

Men’s 14 Hole Vouchers

Xmas Weekly Voucher Competitions

The men are competing in a 14 hole repeater with categories to try and win some Christmas meat vouchers. €5 to play and €3 to repeat.

The weekly Xmas Voucher Competition Winners are as follows,

Week 1.  Category ( 0-13)           Marty Carey         37pts

Category (14-18)         S. McDonald        38pts

Category (19 + )           Michael Connolly 32pts


Week 2.  Category  (0-13)          Paddy McKeown    37pts

Category   (14-18)       S. McDonald           36pts

Category   (19 + )        Anthony Pilkington  39pts


Week 3  Category    (0- 13)       Shane McNaughten 38pts

Category   (14- 18)      D. Curran                  39pts

Category   (19 +  )       Tommy McCormack  37pts