Ladies Winter League

Week 6 saw Team 1 take a narrow 1 point lead on 301 with scores from Teresa Fitzpatrick 17, a fabulous 23 from Roberta Hamilton and 21 from Vera Tighe. Team 3 are on 300 with scores from Ann McCarthy 17, Teresa Hanawin 17 and Brid Finlay 18. Team 4 are 3rd on 290 with Celeste McKiernan 16, Catherine Farrell 15 and Lady Captain Rosita McCabe 18. Team 2 are 4th on 265 with scores from Una O’Reilly 15, Mary O’Toole 13 and Joy Cassidy 14. Still holding their position are Team 5 on 262 with Doli Maguire 16, Kathleen Leonard 17 and a paltry 8 points from Mary Trant. The final results will be announced at the Party Night on Friday!!


Ladies Winter League

The ladies Winter League is now into it’s second week and already we have seen some great scores from the ladies in very tough conditions. Team 1 had scores from Irene Rooney 13, Roberta Hamilton 16 and Vera Tighe 15 total 44. Team 2 Noirin McKenna 14, Veronica McGorman 19 and Una O’Reilly 13 total 46. Team 3 Geraldine Fitzpatrick 13, Teresa Hanawin 18 and Claire McCaffrey 14 total 45. Team 4 Celesta McKiernan 14, Helen Connolly 15 and Rosita McCabe 15 total 44. Team 5 with a bit of catching up to do were Doli Maguire 13, Bridie Keenan 12 and Mary Trant 12 total 37. It’s still all to play for so get all of your team members to try and play this week team captains.

Ladies meet Santa!

The Ladies Winter League presentation and party night saw Brid Finlay make her first official presentation in her capacity as Lady Captain to the winning team of Noirin McKenna, Elaine Hamilton, Brid herself! Mary O’Toole, Eileen Kerr and Veronica McGorman. The ladies were treated to nibbles and mulled wine and once again a huge thanks to Anne McCarthy, the brainchild of the league. The ladies also shared in the celebrations with Tom Cassidy representing Joy in her absence, on the birth of their first grandchild, Mateo in Spain, a wee boy. To top off the night Santa put in an appearance! Thanks to S.McB for being such a good sport.

Ladies Winter League

The ladies Winter League has concluded so now ladies you get on with Christmas shopping etc! Winners from early on in the running were Team 5 so well done to Noirin McKenna, Elaine Hamilton, Lady Captain Brid Finlay, Mary O’Toole, Eileen Kerr and Veronica McGorman with 349. Team 4 snatched 2nd place from team 2 in the final week with a fabulous 19 from Vera Tighe, 16 from Doli Maguire and 14 from Geraldine Fitzpatrick. (335) Team 2 finished on 331 with scores from Mary Trant 14, Noeleen McCague 16 and Anne Wrafter 13. Team 3 scraped into 4th place on 309 with 16 from Una O’Reilly, and 14 from Bridie Keenan and Rosita McCabe. Team 1 finished on 308 pipped by 1 point with scores from Ann Keating 9, Kathleen Leonard 15 and Martha O’Grady 17. The presentation of the hampers and other goodies will take place in the clubhouse on Thursday 12th of December at 8pm. Nibbles will be served and the place looks very festive thanks to Lady Captain Brid and her trusty elves who put up the tree and trimmings.

Ladies Winter League

After 4 weeks of the Winter League the winners are at this stage indisputable with Team 5 on 206 points. Scores this week came from Mary O’Toole 16, a fabulous 19 from Elaine Hamilton and a fandabbydoozey 21 points from Noirin McKenna! 2 teams share 2nd place on 194 Team 4 with scores from Vera Tighe 14, Doli Maguire 18 and fabulous 19 from Geraldine Fitzpatrick. Team 2 had scores from Joy Cassidy 17, Ann Wrafter 15 and 19 from Mary Trant. In joint 3rd are Teams 1 and 3 on 177. Team 1 had scores from Ann Keating 15,
Catherine Farrell 16 and Martha O’Grady 17. Team 3 scores came from Rosita McCabe 13, Una O’Reilly 15 and Celeste McKiernan 13. There are still 3 weeks left so let’s see if we can topple Team 5 off their pedestal! As the AGM is this Sunday (24th) the time slot has been reserved for the Sunday players from 1.00pm so please be in the clubhouse by 12.45pm.

Don’t Put Clubs Away!

Ladies don’t put your clubs in moth balls just yet as the Winter League will commence very shortly. This is the ever popular and fiercely contested team event over 9 holes stableford with eyes on the prize of the Christmas hampers! (sorry for mentioning the “C” word in September!!!)
Ladies the list will be in the Ladies Locker room very shortly and note that if you are not on the list when the draw is done there will be NO additions to the teams!!

Harte Peat Spring League

The Harte Peat Spring League has now reached the Semi Final stage, the Semi Finals have to be played by Sunday next the 28th. The pairings are as follows, Team 2, Captained by Donal O’ Reilly play Team 6, Captained by Martin Clegg, while Team 11 Captained by our Club Vice- Captain Paul Jenkins plays Team 16 led by Michael Galligan, the odds on favourites to win the Competition outright. We would like to convey our thanks to Tommy O’Harte and Harte Peat for their continuous sponsorship of the Competition.

Ladies Winter League

The presentation of the prizes for the Ladies Winter League takes place on Thursday at 8.30 pm in the clubhouse. Whilst the results remain secret at this stage it’s safe to say that the result is not what we expected! Who forgot to sign their card??? Also well done to Noirin McKenna who turned up Sunday to get her last card in…….pity it was a day too late!!

Ladies Winter League

Week 4 of the ladies winter league has Team 3 still in the lead on 209 with scores from Catherine Farrell 17, Doli Maguire 16 and a fandabydosey 21 from Teresa Hannawin. Team 1 are 2nd with 203 with scores from Eileen Kerr 16, Teresa Fitzpatrick 18 and Elaine Hamilton 17. Team 5 are 3rd with 201 scores from Vera Tighe 15, LC Veronica McGorman 18 and Celeste McKiernan 15. Team 4 are 4th with 193 Ann Keating 17, Anne McCarthy 16 and Noirin McKenna 17. Team 2 remain in 5th on 180 with scores from Lynn Whelan 16, Roisin Kerr 17 and Geraldine Fitzpatrick 14. We are at the half way stage ladies and it’s still all to play for.

Ladies League

Week 3 sees team 3 on 155 with scores from Catherine Farrell 16, Noeleen McCague 16 and Teresa Hanawin 10. In 2nd are team 5 with 153. Vera Tighe 19, LC Veronica McGorman 13 (oh?? not like her!) and Celeste McKiernan 18. Team 1 are just in 3rd on 152 Eileen Kerr 19, Mary O’Toole 16 and Elaine Hamilton 18. Team 4 are 4th on 143 Una O’Reilly 15, Anne McCarthey 16 and Noirin McKenna 15. Still is 5th are team 2 on 133 scores from Lynn Whelan 13, Roisin Kerr 14 add Geraldine Fitzpatrick a humdinger of 20! Early indications show that there is a change around in positions for week 4!!