We are OPEN for golf!

Welcome to Winter golf in Clones. It may be the “Old Nine” but we are open! It’s nostalgia time for some of our more seasoned members, some of whom were in the winners enclosure for our winter voucher competitions. In our “Low Category” With a remarkable 19 points was Paddy Mc Keown. Category 13 to 18 with a magnificent 23 points was Tony Greenan.
Category 19 Plus with a “bang on time” 19 points was Bernard Mc Avinney. Congratulations to all our bandi……..winners! You’re all cut 2 shots for the next outing. It’s a very popular competition, so for a fiver and €3 repeat…get out there! It is my sad duty to report that the Captain was disqualified from this week’s voucher. Unfortunately his playing partner forgot to sign his card! We all know the rules….Pewww!